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The Hero PA Desktop App Is Coming Soon!

Meet Our New Desktop App

The new desktop app helps you manage messages more efficiently, check your current billing, message your PA's and much more!

Change Your Availability

Set Your Availability To One:

  • Available
  • On Lunch
  • Busy
  • In A Meeting
  • On Holiday

When you press one of those buttons, it updates your PA and other PA's imminently on our systems so we know what to do on your calls and what to say.

Check Messages

Messages will be sorted by your PA by priority and time so you will not need to rummage through your email to find the highest priority call.

Also through the app you will never loose your messages as they never permanently delete.

Really Easy To Use

Our portal is so easy to use and if you do need any help, we can guide you through the portal and give you ongoing support.

100% Free, No Extra Charges

NO Extra charges will be added to your account as this is 100% free and included in any package as well as pay-as-you-go.

Mobile Friendly Site

Want to view on mobile instead?

No problem! Our desktop portal can be viewed on a mobile device and is fully responsive and works great!

More Time Efficient

As all messages are sorted into by priorities, you will not have to rummage through your emails any more to find the most important person to call back first.

Message With Your PA's

Keep in contact with your PA's 24/7/365 through the portal.

You can message in regards to changing anything with your account or if you just need a bit of help with tasks or calls.

Check Your Usage / Bill

Know how much of your bundle has been used up or how much your pay as you go bill is going to be at the end of the month by checking your bill through the portal.