An Overview of Bespoke Call Handling

What is Telephone Answering?

Telephone answering is an affordable and flexible alternative to employing in-house staff. Outsourcing to Hero PA gives you access to a team who can assist with handling your calls, exactly as if we are based in your office or reception.

Our main point of differentiation,  is that we are a bespoke service. This means that we can tailor our service to your business needs, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

We find that many of our clients benefit from outsourcing in some of the following ways:

-   Reducing the costs that entail hiring a full-time employee.

-   Maintaining business image and reputation, by providing callers with consistent and high-quality customer service.

-   To spend more time focusing on running their business, rather than within it.

-   Flexible support for your business.

Beyond Telephone Answering

Hero PA is a personal telephone answering service, consisting of a dedicated, close knit team. Unlike a regular telephone answering service, we will get to know your callers, take the time to learn about your business and use this to build our business relationships.

We go beyond the message taking and prioritise high quality customer service, above all else.

Some benefits of working with us include:

-   Tailored service to seamlessly support the requirements of your business.

-   A more flexible and less restricted service.

-   Additional services such as; administrative support and live chat.

Who Do We Service?

Most of our clients span from, but are not limited to:

-   Major Business

-   Sole Traders

-   Hospitality and Catering

-   Legal Services

-   Private Healthcare

-   Finance

Any further questions? Contact us to arrange an appointment.