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24/7 Managed Live Chat

People always have questions before they buy a product or service, due to not having someone there to answer those questions can result in potentially thousands of pounds of lost revenue or worst of all, unhappy customers.

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We can help manage website traffic around the clock by answering questions and converting visitors to customers.

So, Why Us? Take a look...

Never Miss A Chat

Your PAs are on hand for you and your website visitors around the clock.

Our experience finds that most of our clients receive chats out of hours and weekends.

Transcripts Sent To You

Get the whole chat transcript sent to you via email within minutes of the chat ending.

That way, you can monitor how the chat was handled and if a customer call back is required.

We Provide The Software & PAs

We provide the software and people included to manage your chats around the clock.

This gives you the reassurance you need to spend time working on your business, or relax knowing a Hero PA is running your first point of contact on your website.

All Chats Are Answered In Our UK Based Office

We are proud to say that all live chats are answered in our UK based office (in Hull) ensuring the highest quality interactions with your customers online.

We NEVER outsource off to different countries, even including overnight and weekends, unlike many other providers.

Real-Time Human Interactions, NOT Robots.

Chats always get answered by your dedicated team of PA's, we never use robots for auto-responses as we like good old fashioned customer service!

And, who really wants to be chatting to a robot? It will just leave your customer feeling unappreciated and frustrated.

Easy And Transparent Monthly Billing

You only pay for the chats we take as we don't charge for bundles, this means nothing will go to waste as we only charge for real conversions.

Some providers will charge for a bundle of chats upfront which can go to waste if not used - we are different.

  • No setup fees.
  • No minimums per month.
  • We only require 1-month notice to cancel.

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How Do We Handle Your Live Chats?

Here is how we do it...

1) Visitor Lands On Your Website...

When a visitor comes on your website, our system alerts us and we will be ready to help them right away!


2) We Say Hello...

Well, not just "Hello!" we introduce ourselves by making the chat box appear on the visitor's screen. We chat with them while they are browsing around your website.

If they have any questions arising, we're here to help.

3) If The Customer Responds...

If the customer responds to our welcome chat we can start to chat with them and follow your message handling instructions.


4) We Follow Your Instructions And Help Your Visitor...

We follow your instructions on how to handle your chats.

From just simply taking their contact details or helping them with a purchase, your Hero PA can do it all.

5) The Final Bit...

Once we have served your visitor and answered all their questions or have captured their contact details, we will end the chat and send the transcript directly to your email.

Want to find out more or set up? Give us a call any time of day!

0333 301 9999

Live Chat Is A Great Solution For Online Support!

Support calls can take a while to deal with which takes up your time when you could be speaking to a new customer or just on lunch. But Hero PA is here to help by taking your customer support queries through live chat and creating a support ticket for you to pick up when you have more time.