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Blog: Being A Solopreneur

Written By Dionne

Solopreneur? Stop Answering Your Business Phone.

Being a solopreneur can be great. You have total control over your business and you answer to no one.

However, wearing every hat within your business can also have its downsides. 

Not only is it incredibly difficult juggling everything but did you know that acting as your own receptionist can have a negative impact on your business?


How many times did you have to stop doing what you were doing to answer your phone last week? How long did each call last?

As a solopreneur, managing your time can be incredibly difficult if you’re constantly stuck on the phone. It means less time actually working in your business and if you answer the phone out of work hours, less time enjoyed with your friends and family.

Can you imagine how much time you would save if you outsourced your phone calls? A Virtual Receptionist can book in your appointments for you, or take messages and put them into an email for you that you can look at when it's more convenient.

Reduces Productivity.

Answering your own phone is not only time-consuming but it can also kill your productivity. If you’re working deep within a task and the phone rings, it can be difficult to get re-engaged. According to a UC Irvine study, refocusing your energies after each distraction can take up to 23 minutes.

If you’re answering the phone even just six times a day, that can result in more than 2 hours of lost productivity every single day. That’s ten hours of wasted time every 5-day working week!

Source: (https://www.ics.uci.edu/~gmark/chi08-mark.pdf)

Too Busy To Answer? You May Have Just Lost A Potential Customer.

A potential client tries calling you but you are too busy working or enjoying your much needed holiday in the Canaries and you miss the call.

When you finally call them back, the client explains that they have found somebody else. You’ve just missed out on a client and a missed client means you’ve just lost out on money.

Missed calls can have a real impact on your business. According to BT, one-fifth of customers will only try calling you once and an estimated £90 million of business is lost every year due to missed calls.

Source: https://www.btplc.com/BTToday/NewsList/MissedcallsmeanmissedbusinesssaysBT/index.html

Doesn’t Look As Good When You Answer.

Answering your own phone can make your business look smaller. 

Having a Dedicated PA to answer all your calls will help to make clients feel like they are dealing with a legitimate, professional and reputable business.

The Cost Effective Solution.

At Hero PA, we can offer you a 24-hour pay as you go phone answering service and your clients will never know your calls are being outsourced to a third party.

When a call comes in, we will answer in your business name and we will follow your call handling instructions just like if we were sitting in your reception.

Your callers will know no different but you will be paying the fraction of a cost of a real receptionist.

If you want your business to grow, get in touch today and we can discuss a bespoke package for you.

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