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Message taking virtual assistance

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Message taking virtual assistance

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Message taking virtual assistance

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Telephone Answering Services

Our team become your team, just as though we’re sitting in your office/reception taking calls and representing your business.

Every call made or received by Hero PA on behalf of a client is logged internally by an operator, and followed by a ticket that gets sent to the relevant contact. This contains relevant information fields you have specified for us to capture. This is relayed to the contact in real time using their preferred method of contact:

  • Email
  • SMS

Calls can also be patched through (acting as your virtual switchboard operator). First, we will take the caller’s details and then we place the caller on hold and call out to the appropriate contact.

We will announce it’s us, who is on the other line, and the reason for their call.  This gives you the ability to accept or decline the patch.

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